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Bad Xylitol, Bad Xylitol

What’s xylitol? It's a sugar substitute and it can be deadly to your dog. The no-calorie sweetener is becoming popular among manufactures and widely used in sugar-free candies, cough syrups, chocolate candy, and chewable vitamins. Even some nut butters such as peanut and almond butter – which some people give as treats contain xylitol.

Symptoms that your dog could be having a reaction to xylitol are vomiting, lethargy and walking unstable like they are drunk. Make sure you read product labels carefully, and contact your veterinarian immediately if your dog starts to show these signs to rule out xylitol poisoning.

Want some good natural dog treats made in the USA? Give your pet only the best – The All American Bully Boy jerky sticks, liver chips, and bully sticks.

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