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What's Making Your Dog Sick?

Bully Boy - Made In the USA

Your pet is a part of your family. You take care of it the same way a mother takes care of her child. Do you think any mother has the courage to give her child any substandard product to eat? No, not at all. She cannot even think of doing so then why should you compromise on the health of your pet? Is animal life any less important than human life? Of course, it is equally important and if you have one of these precious family members then you must ensure that they are provided with the best pet food and pet treats available.

More than 3000 dogs and cats have become ill and 600 plus have died in the past years attributed to the low-quality food given to them which is manufactured in China or other countries who lack proper food standards for pets. In the United States the FDA has taken the matter into consideration very seriously and is finding out the causes of so many pet deaths. In 2007, there was a massive outbreak killing 580 innocent creatures. Since then most of the pet owners have been taking careful measures to protect their pets.

The melamine which was killing all the cats and dogs was not added directly to the food but was found in the premix. The Chinese manufacturers had done so to boost the protein content in their product in the cheapest possible way. The most disappointing factor is that it was not limited to a single manufacturer. As the harmful substances were in premixes which are purchased largely by all the manufacturers, hence, the impact was huge.

Most of the manufacturers from various parts of the world import premixes from china making it a highly prevailing situation around the globe. This is because they are cheap because of low labor costs. The most frightening part is that the pet owners can’t tell if the pet food they are using has a premix coming from China or not. This is because the manufacturing place is not listed on it. The only way out is to actually make a phone call and ask the pet food company about the manufacturing place of the premix.

The biggest companies in this business have expanded themselves to such an extent that there is no escape from involving Chinese labor in their manufacturing process. They do not even rely on more natural ingredients for your pet because of the vast scale they have to cover around the globe. In the past, a few big names have been endangered but managed to escape because of their position in the industry.

If you think that getting your hands on something which is not manufactured in China will save your pet from all kinds of risks then you are entirely wrong. Even in the USA, there are companies which compromise on the quality of their products.

All Bully Boy products are made from products that are grown, manufactured, and packaged right here in the United States of America. Our products also are free from any use of soy, wheat, or gluten ensuring that the health of your pet stays in the best possible condition. Give your pet the love and affection they truly deserve by choosing The All American Bully Boy today.

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